A landbased-development training program located where change is happening fastest.


Wherever the tide takes it


The premise is simple--combine groups of people with different sets of knowledge to work together to tackle the most complex issues. The shore school connects young, globally aware students with local knowledge holders. In the end, we all grow.

Landbase + Resources:

Varies by semester, but is tied to a Landbase Community Ventures projects. The goal of the school is to energize and provide support to community projects, while translating and transmitting land-based knowledge. The mission of the school is to build the leadership needed to develop right-scaled and ecologically integrated community infrastructure within both local and international communities.

Bring SHORE SCHOOL to your community:

Solutions reside in place and are resolved through the design process. Shore School brings together design training with partner and community knowledges. We learn together while engaging with the wider community, identifying solutions, creating plans, strategizing implementation, and managing development. Shore School is integrated multi-generational training for: design professionals who wish to integrate community engagement and placed based methods into their practice; we train design students in place and they work side-by-side with community members to resolve complex solutions; community members can enroll to develop design literacy and design thinking skills alongside student and partner participants; partner organizations can embed workers to expand their facility and integrate into the design solution process. Contact us to discuss bringing Shore School to your community.

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