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Manifesto for a Time of Rapid Change


We know that the world is rapidly changing,
We know this threatens our way of life,
And that of much of the rest of the living world.

We know this is because of us and how we develop our environments.

We need to know what we should do differently;
We need to know how to design and build within a rapidly changing world.
We will not know what new realities these changes will bring;

But we know we need to make plans now, even when we do not know.

We need to decide exactly what it means to be resilient to this rapid change.
We need to design, test, and construct the infrastructure to live that way. 
We know resilience comes from being place-based and adaptable to uncertainty.

We call this resilient infrastructure land-based.

We need to organize ourselves in order to make those decisions and designs.
To make those decisions we need ideas and input from all fields, all people -
People with precise knowledges, expansive knowledges, and local knowledges -

Because the problems are wicked and require complex layers of solutions.

We need a place to discuss the differences between those knowledges,
We need to use these scales of knowledge to image a new narrative of the future, 
And then to develop land-based technologies that fit those complex solutions.

We need an organized infrastructure to respond to a rapidly changing world.

We need a way to design it.
We need spaces to test it.
We need places to build it.

And we need communities to teach it.




2017-WEB_project details-01.png