Developing community infrastructure to downscale industrial agricultural processing.



Southern Coast | Bahia, Brazil

Current Disconnects:

In response to changes in global economic markets, many coastal communities in this southern climate are currently working to transform their local economies and connect them to local ecologies. This project is working with communities to develop new forms of infrastructure to facilitate new scales of agro-forestry and to diversify local economies through enhanced connections across the transect that runs from ocean to forest.


Landbase + Resources:

Known as the cacao coast, the southern coastal forests of Brazil have been transformed by agricultural practices centered around the cacao plant. The cultivation of cacao has resulted in a unique agro-forestry system, but global economic changes have shifted the local focus toward more sustainable but complex economies. Renewed focus on value added products, fishing, and tourism are reconnecting communities to the particular ecologies that surround them. The region contains pristine beaches, ecological sanctuaries, and innumerable rivers that drain the dense Atlantic Forest.


Potential Future:

Pending initial community workshopping.

Status Updates: 

Project Identification

  • Independent are currently working to identify initial community partners. 


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