About Us

We are a mission-driven, design-focused research and development team working to build resilient community infrastructure based on landscape principles, environmental realities, and local needs. We provide allied support to communities and organizations looking to rescale development toward their landbase and establish circular economies. We leverage our team's skill sets to bridge the gap between the local and global resources necessary to operate in today's evolving reality. Our capacity to facilitate design-centric engagement brings together the people and knowledge in places where real adaptive transformations can be made. We work on complex, wicked problems that necessitate equally complex solutions. We do this through community-driven design engagement, project planning that is strategic and visionary, and the formation of networks of cooperative partnerships. 



The world is rapidly changing. Global economic forces have shifted humanity away from the landscapes that support life, resulting in extreme environmental change and an alienation of people from planet. Our mission is to facilitate the rebuilding of communities that maintain the vital connections between people, knowledge, and place necessary for adapting to and thriving in a changing environment.



As the world evolves, we see a network of communities founded upon and supported by their landbases, growing into every eco-region. These communities are complex, continually evolving arrangements of relationships between people and planet that recognize the carrying capacity of a dynamic landscape. These spaces become vital test beds for future social-ecological relationships and a foundation for constructing a livable future for humanity. This vision defines our understanding of sustainability and resilience.



A landscape, its qualities and characteristics, and the unique resources which support habitation, community organization, economies of production and exchange, and cultural vitality.

At LbCV, we are governed by a worldview based on the landscapes we inhabit. This worldview forms the principles by which we build partnerships, determine pathways, and operate as an organization. By defining the design of dwelling and economy through local landbases, we help communities directly couple themselves to the places they inhabit. This results in long-term sustainability and a resilient capacity to adapt to a rapidly changing world. By coupling the built environment to the larger biological realm, an elevated experience of community is regained.



Land-based Development

There is no perfect system of economy or culture. There is no single solution to how humans should inhabit the planet. To be resilient, development must embrace a continual process of cultivating best practices to mitigate the impact of development on people and planet. Sustainability is not a static state, but rather an ongoing process of aligning scales of community and economy. 

Land-based development is not a simple solution to complex global issues. It's a reorientation of priorities that integrates commonly externalized environmental and social factors. It is a continuous process of networking, relationship building, innovation, assessment, adaptation, and habitation.